DIY Faerie Wings!

Here is my very first pair of wings, completed this morning!

I used the Faerie Muse tutorial as my guide; she gives excellent details, though I admit I skimmed through some parts. (Note 9/4/2016; that tutorial has been offline for several months so I removed the link).
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Recognize and Avoid Art Scams

I was looking at the art listings on Craigslist when I clicked through to an artist’s website that seemed a little off.

The first thing I noticed: the artist’s picture was peculiarly crappy. It didn’t make sense that she had such professional pictures of her art, but was willing to put up this tight-cropped blurry snapshot for a headshot.

Then I noticed her paintings were super-large scale, some quite good but suspiciously like things we used to import from China at my former workplace; some things looked like Photoshop effects, and others were so disparate in style they didn’t make sense in the same shop.
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