24 x 48″ Gallery Wrapped… Potential

That’s right, my friends. I have just received via post not one, not three, but six big beautiful gallery-wrapped canvases!

My ideas for them include chunky-textured brushstrokes for the backgrounds, in green, teal, fuchsia, and all kinds of iridescence. I will have to up my game in photography if I want to get reliable pictures of these paintings (metallics and iridescents being notoriously hard to capture). But I consider it well worth it. Like some sort of fairy magpie, I feel I am making everyone’s lives better by infusing the visual field with glitter and sparkle.

For the foreground I’m imagining some sort of reclining figures and subtly dangerous creatures, but I’m not ready to commit beyond those glorious backgrounds just yet. Past experience indicates that the right ideas and shapes will suggest themselves as the background builds. Following those sorts of intuitions makes a painting feel alive and active to me. In the spirit of Spring, I want to develop that feeling as much as possible.

Sparkly Fairy Family

Finally! The mysterious forces of nature have granted me the correct lighting conditions to shoot these metallic, iridescent 5×5″ paintings. They were tricky to get good pictures of on a normal sunny Arizona day. Either the lines would look really pale from the metallic glare, or the brightness of the colors wouldn’t show. Today’s overcast sky helped me get these pictures.

I love the texture and simplicity of these little fairy studies.

A Gradual Refinement

I’ve gotten a lot of painting done the last couple weeks. It gives me great satisfaction, puts the world back into something like order. Since I was a little girl, I was obsessed with drawing. The language of images fascinated me, especially the shorthand that allows a line to stand for a gesture, a tree, a force of nature. Somehow these things are not just in the artist’s mind, but are communicated, translated. We all have different emotional landscapes, and what triggers joy for me may trigger something else in you. The more of the intended feeling that’s evoked, the more successful I consider the painting.